Psychedelly is the pseudonym of Kas – a photographer, writer and designer based in London. Having used the moniker online ever since she was 16, she decided to keep it as an overarching name for her creative pursuits.

Kas’s interests are rooted in visual arts. She picked up the camera starting with street/travel and food photography and gradually moved into portraiture and music photography.

So far, she had a chance to collaborate with promoters, music festivals and individual artists – you can see more of her portfolio work on the homepage, or in the broader case study section. The content delivered in the process included photos, live event video content, press shots/social media/portraiture imagery, as well as music videos.

Psychedelly has also produced two of her own short films, including Kaleidoscope Eyes (2019) that has been showcased at Kino London, Film Only Film Festival and Florida Animation Festival.

Her roots in journalism helped her develop excitement for capturing live events, and a life-long love for writing further helps to tell stories of those she collaborates with.

Now, she’s producing multimedia content – photography and videography as well as interactive online content – and looking to work on fresh, fascinating narratives.

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