We’ll all agree that having a full bookshelf is one of the things that a true bookworm wishes for. But undoubtedly, having an e-book reader is convenient, there’s no discussion about it. Even if it doesn’t have that lustful smell of fresh print, you’ll understand its significance once you had to drag your things from one place to the other several times across the city.

where to get free e-books from

It also comes in handy when you’re feeling anxious that you’ll finish reading that book you’ve got in your bag now in the middle of your commute and you’ll be feeling storyless and bookless for at least half an hour on a packed train. If you’re planning to treat yourself to a Kindle this Christmas, or if you’d like to catch up on some classics or find an unknown author for your entertainment, read on – we’ll show you where to get free e-books from.

Project Gutenberg

An online library of the books that are now in public domain (so the copyright has expired) and have been digitised counts 53,000 books in a handful of languages at present. Depending on your e-book reader, you can choose from epub and mobi files for kindle, and you can also read the books online easily. The books from authors such as Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, Henrik Ibsen, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf have been digitised and shared so that the worldwide canon is available to anyone. And because good books are like good wine: they age well, you’ll certainly savour a few favourite classics.


This e-book shop, besides a selection of publications you can buy, provides you with a free book section. It serves you classics just like Project Gutenberg, but it also has a contemporary section with a selection of free e-books, boasting a strong fan fiction category and many original titles. It provides you with epub files – so you might need to convert them with an online tool if you want to use them on Kindle.


From classics, through self-help, to modern original fiction, this book marketplace caters to various needs. As it’s a self-publishing platform, you will certainly find books of varied quality – but who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden gem in the stream of self-published authors?


No, you don’t have to be subscribed to their Prime service to read e-books for free, although if you’re planning to get the newest bestsellers and test them before you decide if they should go on your shelf, this is probably some sort of solution. Besides that, the service – and also a self-publishing platform – offers a wide selection of books that the authors have shared for free – and there are external services like BooksGoSocial where you can get a book for a review on the product page.

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