Christmas are long gone, and we’ve made some lovely memories during New Year celebrations. It’s that time of year again: we all feel down in the dumps and blue. The peak of the collective struggle falls on the 16th of January with Blue Monday. What does January Blues mean? Find out in the article, and read our sure-fire tips to make yourself a bit happier!

what does january blues mean

January Blues is called the most depressing time of year. It hits us when the festivities have ended and everyone is back at work or school. Its peak is Blue Monday, that falls on January 16th, which is the time of the year when all of us are a little more prone to unhappiness. The sun is gone, the long month of celebrations is well past us – it’s easy to feel a little sad and unmotivated.

If you are feeling the January Blues, we’re here to help. Here are some ways you can fight it – and feel more relaxed and happy straight away!

Get into a positive mindset

what does january blues mean

There is nothing better than getting into a positive mindset at the beginning of the day, not only to make yourself happy, but to influence others. Your positive energy will inspire the people around you. It’s contagious: when you start smiling, the entire world seems brighter straight away!

You can get yourself in the mood by looking at inspirational quotes, cuddling your loved ones, eating chocolate or jumping around a little. Exercising is a great way of starting an endorphin rush – so pick something you enjoy doing: dancing or running will certainly wake you up. Find something you’re grateful for and focus on it. Release those endorphins to trigger a positive feeling!

Do what you enjoy the most

what does january blues mean

Give yourself time to rest, clear your schedule and do what you enjoy the most. I don’t know about you, but I love to binge-watch my TV shows or read a book to unwind and switch into a different state of mind. It’s some sort of escapism and you are sure to forget about your worries.

Go outside

It’s a simple thing, but how effective! A blow of fresh air can help you refresh and come up with new ideas. When you slow down, you normally notice things that you wouldn’t pay attention to before – so go ahead and head off for a lovely stroll outside. You can always reward yourself with a cup of warm fruit tea afterwards!

Treat yourself! 

If anyone needs to learn about anything in the new year – it’s self-love. Everyone is busy, and sometimes we’ve got so little time to pamper, love and treat ourselves. However, it’s not that hard and there’s many little things you can do – just pencil that one evening in your diary to have some “me time“!

Order from your favourite takeaway restaurant. Or have a super bubbly bath – set candles, listen to your favourite artist or band. Make a cup of hot chocolate, curl up on the sofa, wrap up in a blanket, and watch your favourite film or show.

How are you dealing with January Blues? Tell us! Tweet @besidemag or tag us in a snap of your little relaxing moment – @beside_mag on Instagram. 

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When I should be focusing on other things, I am probably reading, binge watching TV shows or surfing the web. Very passionate about writing, photography and of course reading. My favourite show is Once Upon a Time…I think everyone around me would say I am addicted, I would say I am too.

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