From the strippers at the funerals to pandas for metal fans, we’ve picked four things that popped onto our social media timelines this week. Read on for some bizarre news from the depths of the World Wide Web!

weird viral news

Funeral strippers are a thing in China

Strippers on stag dos and hen parties? We’ve heard about this. Strippers in strip clubs? Well, that isn’t too surprising. But What’s On Weibo, the site that explains the interesting phenomena in Chinese media to the English-speaking world, has explained the “funeral strippers” thing that’s been around in China for quite a while. During the funeral of a Taiwanese politician, 50 skimpy dressed women were pole-dancing on cars through the accompanying parade. They’re a part of so-called “EFC (Electric Flower Cars)” industry that provides mobile stages with people dancing to pay the tribute to the deceased person. It’s particularly popular in Taiwan, where “an erotic funeral” is seen as a symbol of status. Okay, now that we got your attention with the opening paragraph….

What will Hello Kitty gone rebel look like?

…over to all things cute. Or wait a minute. If you think that Hello Kitty disagrees with your metalhead/indie hipster status, there’s a much more millennial version incoming. Meet Aggretsuko: she’s a single 25-year-old commuting to work for an hour, an accountant during the day and serious beer drinker and metal-lover at night. And her name literally means “an aggressive riot girl”. Sanrio, the creator of all things cute, Hello Kitty included, introduced their new character on office supplies in May, but have officially premiered the introductory video in December. Sake-drinking rebellious panda? We’re in.

Alexa, order me a dollhouse

If you own Amazon Echo, you might want to think about switching off an automatic shopping function before Alexa uses up all your credit limit to order you a handful of fancy takeaways while you watch Come Dine With Me. In Texas, a little girl ordered an expensive dollhouse while talking to Alexa. That’s not so unusual, we suppose – but the story made the headlines and encouraged a handful of the devices to do the same. People watching a TV programme reporting on the situation who had their telly turned up exposed themselves to a similar danger. Amazon Echo caught the presenter saying “I love the little girl saying, ‘Alexa ordered me a dollhouse”… and attempted ordering toy houses, too. First rebellious pandas, then rebellious Alexas. Where is this world heading?! (Although takeaways wouldn’t be THAT bad, we suppose…)

Italy thinks of shortening its work week

The French don’t have to read emails outside of work anymore and it’s regulated by the law, Danes have their hygge, and Italians want to shorten their work week. Emilia Romagna, a region in northern Italy, thinks of cutting down their work hours from 40 to 32. Regional councillor and labour law professor thinks that it will not only give people more free time but also solve the problem of unemployment. The last time the Italy changed this law was around 40 years ago, when Saturday was removed from a work-week schedule. Yes, we stopped being hilarious now.

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