DIY is a hobby that can turn your wardrobe into a collection of one-in-a-kind, unconventional pieces, and help transforming your place into an apartment worthy of an IKEA catalogue. If you’re not afraid of wrapping up your sleeves and painting, stitching and cutting, here are a few DIY bloggers to follow – you should definitely check them out!

top diy bloggers to follow
A Pair and A Spare

Geneva Vanderzeil is one of our favourites – mostly because her instructions will be useful for everybody, from a complete beginner to a true craft master. Always on trend and constantly inspiring her readers, she started as a DIY blogger – now, she’s a fashion guru with a popular lifestyle blog, working with big names like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. If you’ve seen that cheap, extra large men’s shirt somewhere in a charity shop, revamp it and make this sleeveless off-the-shoulder dress, try hand-embroidering your jeans or if you’re just starting, make a 70’s inspired belt.

diy bloggers to follow

Stars for Streetlights

Stacie Grissom is definitely a person to follow if you’re a big fan of handmade jewellery. NYC-based blogger often shows her fans how she made unique statement pieces – and shares her love for photography. Her scarf shirt tutorial is one of the easiest to start with!

(PS. Author’s note: her take on styling curly hair made my hair look less frizzy… I used to use it all the time while I was still in high school, good times!)

diy bloggers to follow - stars for streetlights, stacie grissom
PS. I Made This

Looking for varied tutorials to give your wardrobe a boost, or trying to add in a personal touch to your home? Erica Domesek’s blog is a collection of visual tutorials that’ll show you how to reuse and recycle things that have been lingering in your wardrobe for a while. If you’re more of a visual learner, or you’re looking for simple instructions to begin with, it’s a perfect website to get you inspired. Perforated emoji clutch is one of her recent great tutorials.

diy bloggers to follow ps I made this

Trash To Couture

If you’ve got a lot of spare T-shirts you want to repurpose, nobody will teach you how to create these boho designs (macramé!) like Laura from Trash to Couture. But first, start with this back bow dress tutorial.

diy bloggers to follow - trash to couture

Love Aesthetics

Ivania Carpio’s blog is full of refreshing white space, but it hides the richness of truly original DIY tutorials. If you live your life by “truly minimalistic style is timeless”, you’ll love her original ideas. She started in 2008 as a blogger – and progressed to become the editor of the Dutch Vogue. White leather and indie designer vibe will help you create your luxurious one-in-a-kind pieces – like this strapless seamless top or transparent belt.

diy bloggers to follow love aesthetics

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