Be more organised – is there anyone who wouldn’t wish for that politely? The world brings us so many distractions that it’s difficult to keep all the to-do lists in check. But it also offers us so many productivity solutions that these interruptions can’t be an excuse anymore – so we’re bringing you a selection of time management apps for all the busy bees out there.

5 time management apps for productivity

To-do lists that remind you of a due task, project management tools, short-term lists to keep you focused – there are plenty of them, and the abundance makes it difficult to choose. Here are simple, easy to use productivity apps that will help you keep your diary well-managed – or become one, for that matter.


time management apps

Trello is a project management app that helps you keep all your tasks in check. It’s very simple to use – you create “cards” and assign checklists and deadlines to them to keep all the details in one place. Need an example? If you’re a student, create a card for each module, assign the deadlines and the requested reading. If you’re a freelancer, keep the details of all your projects there, and outline them step-by-step so you can juggle them like a boss. Want to use it in your day-to-day life? Make a shopping list, a to-do list for work and home – the possibilities are almost endless. And it works as a phone app and a web app – so you’ll never have to worry about having all the lists with you anymore!

1-3-5 List

time management apps 1-3-5 list

Struggling with prioritising? This little web app will help you be better at choosing the crucial tasks and getting them done. It allows you to choose one big thing, three medium things and five small things to get done every day. It helps you stay on track with the tasks, and if you tend to procrastinate and pick smaller but more pleasant things to do over the complex, tedious tasks, it might be the right choice.

Pomidoro Timer

time management apps pomidoro timerIf the only thing you enjoy when getting your tasks done are the breaks, you’ll love the functionalities that will keep you working until the next one! It uses so-called Pomidoro Technique invented in the 1980s by Francisco Cirillo that helps you set checkpoints to stay focused. You work on a task for 25 minutes, then you take a five-minute break to have a bite of a biscuit and some tea, and get down to it again for the next 25 minutes – and so on, until the task is finished. After four small breaks, you get 15 minutes for yourself. You can set the intervals different than traditional – and you are guaranteed to take a breather every now and again so that you don’t feel totally overwhelmed.

Remember the Milk

time management apps remember the milk

All-in-one for the old good to-do lists, this app allows you to create lists of tasks that you can divide with the due dates, priority and repeats, or label them with tags. You can easily search through all of them, too – so you can check up on smaller tasks belonging to a bigger project. You add the tasks in, and you can forget about them – the app will remember for you, and it can also send you e-mail or Twitter messages to make sure you’re not ignoring the notifications.

Do It Tomorrow

time management apps do it tomorrow

Although the title suggests it’s an app for pro procrastinators, you won’t be channelling your inner Scarlet O’Hara… that much. This app helps you prioritise with assigning the tasks to today and tomorrow, and if you put that one unpleasant task on there and don’t finish, it will stay there forever until you do it – so no massive distractions for you. You’ll focus just on the forthcoming 48 hours, and make sure you’re productive short-term. It’s super simple to use, has an interface that looks like a notebook and doesn’t drown your lists under hundreds of menus. Just make sure you’re not postponing that one task forever.

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