One of the best things in our modern lives, compared to previous generations, is that with the spread of technology and the Internet, the entertainment offer caters to everyone’s taste. Agree? Let’s try it: take a remote control and skip through some channels, or pick up a phone or a tablet and have a look. Dramas, comedies, political series, mystery and crime, soap operas to make you laugh… Fiction is awesome nowadays! But what happens when you add a pinch of facts to that amazement? Here, you will find three true story proposals now on the screen to get even more excited.

inspiring real stories films

“A street cat named Bob” (directed by Roger Spottiswoode)

The book that has inspired this movie is, actually, on my nightstand now.  Pretty successful since it was published a few years ago, it has become a real must-read this autumn for those who aren’t familiar with the heartfelt story.  The busker and author of this autobiographical recollection of adventures James Bowen talks about a true story of friendship with a ginger cat named Bob. James, in the darkest moments of his loneliness and homelessness, found the support to take ownership of his own life and the past in his new companion. It’s funny and moving enough at the same time to think that the injured cat was the leitmotiv for the healing and the recovery of a desolate man.

Without any doubt, the film is a great way for preparing to Christmas because, as the Daily Mail described the book, it’s a “heart-warming tale with a message of hope”. In this case, the shots of vibrant and familiar London are another reason to enjoy the film directed by Spottiswoode!

 “The Crown” (written by Peter Morgan)

And from the streets of the London boroughs, we’re moving to the ins and outs of the Buckingham Palace. Both big expectations and a generous budget are behind one of the ambitious Netflix bets. The Crown is an American-British TV drama which portrays the early reign of the Queen Elizabeth II.  The first season, comprising of ten one-hour episodes was released in its entirety on the 4th of November and collected widely positive reviews. The monarchy series, written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank – with Claire Foy as young and very human Elizabeth – is fascinating, sumptuous, pleasant to watch and takes a good approach to the British history. Forget about the accuracy in every single detail and just enjoy it, now that a second season has been commissioned.

“Queen of Katwe” (directed by Mira Nair)

Last but not least, the story of a “queen” without a kingdom, but with an extraordinary gift: her passionate dreams of being someone, even coming from the non-glamorous capital of Uganda. This American biographical sports drama is inspiring in itself and as a spectator, you will immerse yourself in a plot that champions talent and strategy. Pure resilience, to be honest.

The movie, produced by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Mira Nair was released in the UK at the end of October: the story of a young girl training to become a world chess champion is directed to those who seek courage in adversity. Don’t miss out!



I love stories and I love traveling, and both passions have helped me to be here, talking about myself. Apart from that, Yoga, Nature, and Music are some of these things that recently I can not live without. I like to finish my days with a glass of wine (any color, any type!) and a good book :)

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