Thank you & see you later


Psychedelly, like Beside Magazine before it, was a labour of love. I loved writing, participating in the film community, and talking about smaller events worth attending. I enjoyed interviewing inspiring people and talking about their work. It was great while it lasted, I've learnt a lot, and I wouldn't swap this experience for anything else.

It took me a long time to realise that blogging might be something that I've outgrown. Although it might sound like a relatively simple (and sometimes frivolous/embarrassing/crazy, depending on your outlook) hobby, it takes a lot of time and effort to continuously keep the site up to the standard I'd expect from myself. I don't believe I've succeeded, hence the constant lack of satisfaction - but I kept on pushing myself into something that became a strain, and I'd never want to grow to hate something I was enthusiastic about, deeply cared for and put so much effort in. Both websites were a joy and brought me to places and events I'd never expect to find myself in - I'm very grateful for everyone who enabled that. I've attended exhibitions, venue launches, film previews and festivals - these are cherished memories, and wonderful experiences that allowed me to learn. Thank you!

With ever-shrinking amount of time on my hands, me turning out to be human that needs to rest (who'd have thought?!) and the need to be generally creative (film! scriptwriting! illustration! animation!) - which I always wanted to do - I'd find it difficult to be a proper journalist, which I demanded of myself, and not a faux influencer (not a big fan of the word, as you might know). And with all the changes brought upon the media landscape, influencer isn't exactly a skin I'm 100% comfortable in or anything that I ever cared about; of all the reviews, profiles, news, personal and opinion pieces I've done, I've enjoyed writing about my own experiences the least, which immediately disqualifies me from the "potential blue check" list. Even reviews, which are a polar opposite of the personal piece, and having to have opinions became a chore and made it difficult to just enjoy what I wanted to enjoy rather than cramming everything into my schedule - and I'd much rather interview somebody interesting or come up with new characters and stories and places. Plus it's a tough market for online publications these days, you know, and I've definitely overestimated my ability to do it all. If I wanted to continue and get someone to help me, I'd be hell-bent on paying them - once upon a time I was also a beginner and I know how tough it is. I can't do what I think is the right thing, unfortunately.

I'm not giving up Psychedelly as a name. It's a nickname I've used online since I was a teenager, and I'm way too attached to it to just leave it. I just need to rethink what Psychedelly means these days because the person behind it has changed (no surprises there, it's been 10 years or so.) I might keep some of the articles I still feel proud of - maybe. Maybe it'll become something else entirely. I don't know as of now, but I know it's something I dreaded for a long time and finally had guts to do: this girl's not a quitter, definitely not a quitter, but she can understand when she needs to step aside.

A massive thank you to people who contributed articles across these few years - you are absolutely phenomenal, and working with you has been truly great. You're all the coolest, greatest, chillest people I know.

Once again, thank you for reading things our wonderful contributors wrote since the beginning - it means a lot. See you in the future!