Today, Tate Modern will open its first annual live display: a mixture of installations and performances mixed with film, music and dance. The exhibition will include a fog sculpture, and unique cinema and music experience in Tanks – one of its exhibit areas. Built underneath the gallery, the space was originally designed to hold the fuel for Bankside Power Station, which gives it an industrial vibe that will allow the audiences to see the artworks in a new way.

ten days six nights tate modern

Hailing from different backgrounds, generations and areas of arts, the featured artists will show a variety of experiences from different places in the world and crafts. Besides the subterranean area used as a power supply before, it will also take place on the Terrace outside – engaging the visitors by animating the surroundings and connecting nature with new technologies. The selection of artists has been handpicked by Catherine Wood, Senior Curator of International Art (Performance) and Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator of International Art (Film) with Isabella Maidment, Assistant Curator of Performance and Carly Whitefield, Assistant Curator of Film.

One of the highlights of the new exhibition will be certainly a fog sculpture created by the Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya in collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani. The water vapour it’s made of will be illuminated and supported by music, and will provide a stage to perform for the choreography by Min Tanaka. A Mumbai-founded collective CAMP prepared Could Have Beens, a show that connects electricity and imaging to ask how technology connects and controls people. And there’s more to the senses with Wu Tsang and Fred Moten, whose Gravitational Feel will pose questions about the social and physical significance of touch and voice – using fabric and sound. For the time of the exhibition, Isabel Lewis will be the artist in residence in the Tanks Lobby, preparing events that reacts to the responses of the audiences.

Besides the mentioned artists, Melanie Bonajo, Josefina Camus, Carlos Casas, Ian Cheng, Ligia Lewis, Paul Maheke, Phill Niblock, Emily Roysdon, Daïchi Saïto, Lorenzo Senni, Pepa Ubera and Ian Wilson will perform live. Their works will include music, dance and film.

“Our culture is always changing, and so exhibitions must change too. In our connected digital age, artists and audiences are ever more fascinated by live experiences, shared in the moment with those around them. Our new annual BMW Tate Live Exhibition reflects this shift. It puts collaborative engagement centre stage, responding to the way many artists work today. It is amazing to see and experience artists pushing the boundaries of the exhibition format,” said Achim Borchardt-Hume, Director of Exhibitions at Tate Modern.

BMW Tate Live Exhibition: Ten Days Six Nights will run until the 2nd of April. Admission is free during the day opening hours, but you’ll need a ticket for the evening performances.

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