You had one job, People Magazine… and because we don’t quite agree with this year’s Sexiest Man Alive verdict, here’s our alternative list of the sexiest guys who have also collectively done far too many fantastic things this year.

sexiest man alive

Yes, we know – these pretty face rankings are bullshit and all that, and we normally stay away from them. But this year, everyone on Beside’s team agreed: the top choice has been interesting, and we don’t quite agree with the title’s distribution. All of us have our own taste, of course… but something didn’t feel quite right.

Blake Shelton (after initial confusion, we did figure out that he’s Gwen Stefani’s hubby) was selected the Sexiest Man Alive 2017, and the internet went crazy. The country singer might not be the textbook example of what “sexy” means… but the Beside Magazine crew picked a handful of our favourites and put this list of cool, talented guys together to show you what it really means to present an alternative to the choice that many people found unusual. And without further ado, here are our top 15 sexiest men alive:

15. Kumail Nanjiani 

kumail nanjiani hottest man alive
Kumail Nanjiani and FlickrCC/Nadir Hashmi

This year gave the comedian a chance to present the audiences with a very special feature film. With his lovely wife Emily, they’ve turned the inspirational story of love finding its way in difficult circumstances into a heartfelt indie The Big Sick. He’s hilarious, sweet, woke and handsome; dear Emily, we’re jealous.

14. Nicholas Hoult

nicholas hoult sexiest man alive

Looking at Nicholas’s schedule, it’s pretty easy to understand why he decided to give up on the photoshoot and reject that mighty title. The actor of Skins fame is starring in the upcoming Rebel in the Rye that tells the story of a reclusive author J. D. Salinger, and he plays Tesla himself in The Current War. But it’s not just a year of biopics: he continued to work on the X-Men franchise, plus a drama Newness and Sand Castle also got him on the payroll. He found the time to support a handful of charities, too – he’s sweet, talented and sexy*, we think he totally deserves to be in our top squad.
*(Editor’s note: For the love of Zeus, isn’t he SO hot?!)

13. Riz Ahmed

riz ahmed sexiest man alive
Photo: Time Magazine

Riz Ahmed stole last year in Star Wars spin-off Rogue One and was included on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of 2017, he’s got an Emmy and a Berlinale’s Shooting Star Award, so he could probably care less about some list of sexy guys. But we couldn’t leave him out of it: he’s a hustler with an incredible work ethic, and a politically outspoken, insanely multitalented guy (he’s also a musician). A small role in Una and a leading one in City of Tiny Lights enriched his filmography this year. And we can’t wait for next year: he’ll star in Sony’s Venom which is due to be released in 2018.

12. Jim Sturgess

jim sturgess sexiest man alive
Boo George for Mr Porter

This year, we saw Jim’s return to the big screen. Although not the most fortunate, we cross our fingers and hope to see him in something like Across the Universe, 21 or One Day again. And as if acting wasn’t enough, he’s also a musician, and we’re always in for the guys who can sing.

11. Sam Claflin

sam claflin sexiest man alive

The British heartthrob from the brilliant film The Riot Club is known widely for his roles in Hunger Games saga and Me Before You. This year, he’s returned with My Cousin Rachel alongside Rachel Weisz and phenomenal, heartbreaking Their Finest. But whether he’s filling in the shoes of a Victorian gentleman or a wartime scriptwriter, we truly admire his ability to transform. We can’t wait for the release of Journey’s End next year!

10. Andrew Garfield

andrew garfield sexiest man alive
Hollywood Reporter

He opened London Film Festival alongside Claire Foy and Andy Serkis, introducing his new film BreatheThe beginning of the year saw him with an Oscar nomination for Hacksaw Ridge and cooperation with Scorcese; in the meantime, we’re waiting for his new film Under the Silver Lake. This is why he was probably too busy to grace the cover of People magazine. Their loss, huh?

9. Mahershala Ali

mahershala ali sexiest man alive

Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock, Mahershala Ali
His terrific performance in Moonlight gave Mahershala a best supporting actor role and was one of the key ingredients of the film’s Best Picture Oscar. He also appeared along the fantastic girl squad in Hidden Figures as a charming soldier that courts one of the main heroines. But did we mention that he’s also multitalented? Ten years ago he released a rap album. We adore guys who got the bars, too.

8. Chris Pratt

chris pratt sexiest man alive
Photo by Stuart Wilson/WireImage

Everyone who’s on Twitter must have taken the side in “The Battle of Chrises”: the actors cast in superhero films who are sexy and super talented. Today, Beside Magazine team picks a side: although we adore Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Evans, Chris Pratt is our absolute favourite. He’s returned with the new hilarious Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 where he reprised his role of Starlord and we’re expecting to see him in Infinity War. The looks, sense of humour and a big heart – hereby we finalise the best Chris in Hollywood argument.

7. Colin Farrell

colin farrell sexiest man alive
Image: Variety

The Irish charmer had a good year when it comes to quality indie films that allowed him to show the breadth of his talent. He worked with Sofia Coppola for The Beguiled and re-teamed up with Yorgos Lanthimos for The Killing of the Sacred Deer, both of which gave him intricate, demanding roles to work on. He’ll also appear in Tim Burton’s live-action rendition of Dumbo soon, which we’re looking forward to. And before we finish this note, let’s spend a minute appreciating his accent and well-known sense of humour. Thank you.

6. John Cho

john cho sexiest man alive
Source: Collider

The Star Trek actor appeared in a thriller Gemini and took a leading role in an indie film Columbus this year. He’s making it big in Hollywood and uses his fame to fight for better representation in the industry, often speaking against whitewashing and carefully choosing roles, avoiding those that perpetuate racial stereotypes. And he’s not just super hot – he’s also incredibly funny.

5. Dave Franco

dave franco sexiest man alive

 Now You See Me hottie gears up for major Oscar buzz which the release of his newest film The Disaster Artist will inevitably bring. Lauded at the festival circuit, the film written and directed by his brother James Franco tells the story of the Hollywood’s biggest mystery man Tommy Wiseau, whose film The Room was lauded the worst movie ever made. But we’re drifting away from the topic. He started out as a writer, he’s a phenomenal actor too, how not to love a guy who’s so multitalented?

4. Taika Waititi

taika waititi sexiest man alive
Source: GQ

Punch us if we’re sounding hipster, but here at Beside Magazine, we adored Taika Waititi before he became an international sensation. We loved BoyWhat We Do In The Shadows and Hunt For The Wilderpeople with a passion, and we were too happy to hear that he was given a chance to direct Thor: Ragnarok, a part of a major franchise backed by a big studio budget. This year, everyone finally discovers how great he is, he has all the best tweets, he’s so funny that there’s not enough humour left for everyone else, and his photoshoot for GQ broke the Internet, in our humble opinion. Also, humour is the sexiest part of every man, and this guy’s got loads. And before you scroll to our next entry, please watch a short that almost brought him an Oscar back in 2004:

3. Dev Patel

dev patel sexiest man alive

Here’s another of our Skins favourites. Dev hit the mainstream with his Slumdog Millionaire film that opened the doors to Hollywood for him. He gained his nomination for supporting actor for his role in Lion and is currently working on Hotel Mumbai where he’ll appear on the silver screen with Armie Hammer. That’s going to be a total overload of sexiness and talent, so please let it be 2018 already.

2. Timothee Chalamet

timothee chalamet sexiest man alive
Photo: W Magazine

Appearing in Call Me By Your Name alongside Armie Hammer* and in the upcoming Lady Bird with Saoirse Ronan, he’s earned a whole lot of critical interest and possible Oscar speculations. His breakthrough it might be, but he’s no newcomer to this business: his credits include Interstellar and Men, Women & Children plus a handful of theatre plays.

*Author’s note: We had a very tough conversation here. Armie Hammer, who keeps resurfacing in this piece, gained a whole lot of momentum this year, and we love him so so much, and we almost destroyed this team discussing which one of them is hotter. But Kasia was the editor of this piece, so she did whatever she wanted she helped to resolve this conflict.

1. Ex-aequo: Ryan Reynolds and Armie Hammer

ryan reynolds armie hammer sexiest man aliveWe had no idea how to decide and because we’ve got no rules in this establishment we decided that we can have ex-aequo winners. Ryan Reynolds appeared in a small role in Life and alongside Samuel L. Jackson in Hitman’s Bodyguard this year, but only yesterday a trailer for Deadpool sequel dropped and we don’t think about anything else but watching it now. What’s more, he’s absolutely killing it on Twitter, roasting fans and hiding a fair number of jokes up his sleeve.

Armie Hammer, on the other hand, became somewhat of a millennial crush after starring in Call Me By Your Name. But his filmography is totally impressive, and he owned this year, adding The Birth of a Nation, Nocturnal Animals and Free Fire to his resume. And in case you wondered, we’re totally on The Man from U.N.C.L.E teamwhere he plays a sexy Russian.

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