He compares creating art to looking for a perfect match, and gets inspired by various everyday objects – meet Paul Fuentes, a graphic designer and photographer from Mexico.

paul fuentes interview

Paul loves to give his creativity many outlets – the 28-year-old is not just designing and taking photos. He’s in charge of design for a monthly magazine. It’s not just about the visuals, but also about the sound: he’s a musician, too. He plays the drums with a band and produces his own stuff. Having so many creative hobbies requires searching for inspiration all the time – so where does he look for his own ideas?

“Everywhere,” he says shortly, “since I take photos of everyday objects, I need to have my eyes wide open and the senses fully receptive all the time. I try to find objects that people would think they are boring and turn them into something new,” he explains.

Paul often uses well-known themes and reinvents them completely with pop-art elements. He describes his own photography style as “pop-art” with the influences of digital art, minimalism, surrealism, and even Dadaism. To complete them, he always takes the experimental route to find the perfect compatibility of the elements that he connects with his art.

paul fuentes interview

“It’s like arranging a hard marriage,” he describes his creative process with a metaphor. “I start with single elements, and then I try to find them a pair. They need to adapt to each other in perfect balance. It’s a difficult process and you need a lot of patience to find the right couple,” he tells us.

He’s completed a varied portfolio of work already – but he says that it’s hard for him to define his milestones since everyone follows their own story on their own life path. He made good memories with his jelly burger and Albino lion pieces.

“The jelly burger was born with a mistake in a sketch when dropping the paint in the idea,” he reminisces, “and the lion was really challenging because it’s not easy to turn this animal into pink!”

paul fuentes interview

There are a few tougher sides of the new project for him, however, that haunt every project.
“When I start to work with a different material or texture, like paint or ink, it is always a big challenge,” he claims.
At the moment, he’s working on a few project and trying to learn new things. He wants to include some motion in his upcoming works, or make them into 3D real stuff.

“I’m learning how to use the light, and at some point I want my objects to project their own light. Hard to explain, but easy to see,” he describes his idea.

That’s why it’s easy to see why Caravaggio is his favourite artist of all time – he mastered the light and shadow, and not many brought it to perfection like he did. But Paul is also influenced by modern artists.

“There are so many good pop and photography artists too, such as Warhol and David LaChappelle,” he states. “I love solemn art.”

Meet Paul

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