Mother’s Day is a  great opportunity to express love to mums.  Temperamental, detached,  industrious, placid, restless,  doesn’t matter what your mother is like -or who you are as a mother: the maternal relationship has always been celebrated across generations. The celebration takes place, this year, the next 6th of March. Flowers, gifts, chocolates and cards are not only a beautiful reminder but also a most common way to say “thank you, mum”.

mother's day ideas 2016

Comfortable idea found on the Internet

Mother’s Day is one of these annual celebrations  to highlighting how important relatives and beloved are in life. In fact, it includes other related family members such as grandmothers, stepmothers and mothers-in-law –isn’t it this one of the most critical and tricky bonds in any family? Whoever is your mum, the main idea is “to let her relax for a day”, says Amira, a young London girl. Does this tribute mean a great cost in pounds? Not at all!. According to her, “it’s not a special big day in presents”, but an occasion when you can “just do things for her that she normally does for you”. “Treating her  to a meal, giving flowers, cards or gifts, even a breakfast in bed”,  she says with a wide smile

The birth of the tradition

In the UK, the celebration of Mother’s Day is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent -exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. However, other countries as Spain, Germany or France will celebrate it on May, or even later -Belgium, for instance, in August.

Mother’s Day for the British hardly reminds the historical “Mothering Sunday”: and how Catholic and Protestant Christians visited their respective “mother church” or cathedrals for a service in the XVII century. That festivity became soon a”day off” for those domestic servants that visited the churches and their own mothers and family members at the same time. Children and youth people picked up flowers on the way home to give to their mothers and a gift – a gesture that right now has been substituted by the flower bouquets in the supermarket.

Original ideas for modern mothers

Coming back to the present, have you decided to be original this year? Baking a cake seems boring and poetry is not among your strong points? Too many years of flowers and cards? There are still dozens of ideas to make her feel special… For example,  the an orchid festival at the Kew Gardens -the spectacular and colourful carnival of samples from Brazil finishes the 6th of March. Or maybe a trip in a hot balloon to see the surroundings in an astonishing way?

In the very worst case, don’t let her without a hug. If you are too far for that, and you can’t congratulate her in person, send a representative in your place: just contact a free ‘hug-a-gram service’ and don’t forget to choose a style of hugging!


I love stories and I love traveling, and both passions have helped me to be here, talking about myself. Apart from that, Yoga, Nature, and Music are some of these things that recently I can not live without. I like to finish my days with a glass of wine (any color, any type!) and a good book :)

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