Maggie Rogers was busy touring with HAIM, as well as preparing for the release of her first album. One of the songs that will be included on her record is Give a Little, an upbeat indie pop tune she’s just released a music video of.

The clip was directed by the singer-songwriter herself, as well as Alan Del Rio Ortiz (a cinematographer and director that is quickly rising to fame who has directed for Fetty Wap, Solange or Major Lazer before). Dancing with her college friends all the way to the Seventies, she embraces the sunshine as she recreates the aesthetic that speaks to her.

”I was obsessed with 70s skate culture in high school and really just wanted to have a silly day recreating my favourite scenes from Lords of Dogtown and paying homage to my favourite Farrah Fawcett photos,” said the artist about the new video. “Those early skate videos feel so raw and powerful, it was important to me to show that that energy could also be female.”

The artist will perform at Reading and Leeds next weekend, following the festival up with two London shows on the 29th and 30th of August.

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