Winnie the Pooh makes a reappearance while Denzel Washington returns to his role as the guard of justice. A historical French drama and Orson Welles documentary are there for those who look for independent releases, followed by a summer spy comedy with Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis. What’s in cinemas this week?

in cinemas this week christopher robin 2018

Christopher Robin

We’ve seen Goodbye Christopher Robin… but what if we fast-forward a bit and see what he’s been up to in his adult life? It seems that it got to him in the same way it changes everyone: he’s now a serious working man caring for his family, and he’s long forgotten the wonders of the Hundred Acre Wood. But his childhood confidante Winnie the Pooh comes back for his friend to help him rediscover happiness in his life.

The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington returns t unleash vendetta at criminals as the saviour of those who suffer unfairly in the sequel to The Equalizer. As his past catches up with him again, he’s tangled in the case that he tries to solve, supporting a teenager in his neighbourhood in setting his life straight along the way.

The Eyes of Orson Welles

A poignant documentary that premiered at Cannes Festival earlier this year aims to rediscover one of the legendary figures of the cinema, Orson Welles (Citizen Kane, The Trial, Macbeth). The iconic director trained as an artist before he dived into acting and directing – and the film explores his visual works and sheds some light on his style through his previously unseen paintings, sketches, storyboards.

The Guardians

Setting his story in the shadow of the World War I, Xavier Beauvois presents a story of three women who stayed at home waiting for their sons and brothers who set off for the front. We see them as they run the farm and assert their independence, grappling with emotions as their beloved men return from the battlefield on short leaves.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Mila Kunis teams up with Kate McKinnon for the brand-new spy comedy that echoes Heat. Audrey and Morgan become the centre of an international operation when they find out that Audrey’s ex was a CIA agent followed by assassins. Travelling to Europe to escape the killers and save the world, they set out on an adventure they couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams.

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