You’ve heard that Twenty One Pilots song about returning to the childhood. It might be a good lyrical fit, especially because all of us get a feeling that they were better off being kids sometimes – but as long as you know how to switch off, nothing can bring you down. Easier said than done? Whether you’re suffering from stress induced by a number of deadlines or fear of missing out, it’s about understanding how to feel less stressed and get rid of the anxiety.

how to feel less stressed tips

Monica Black is a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, mindfulness teacher and a life coach. The specialist has recently released a “Little Book of Helpfulness” – and explained techniques of dealing with anxiety and stress which also lead to increasing confidence and self-esteem. In an attempt to start the “helpfulness” movement, a spin-off on mindfulness, she shared a few tips for everybody who finds it difficult to deal with pressure.


How to feel less anxious?

Everyone likes to be in charge of the events that concern them – and if you feel as if you’ve started to lose control of what’s happening to you, try to concentrate less on yourself. Make it a countdown: find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and one thing you can taste. That’ll help you disconnect and focus on your fears less.


How to feel more confident?

Time to stretch! If you’ve never tried mindfulness to boost your confidence, give yourself a break to complete this simple exercise. Stand up, put your shoulders back, straighten up and let yourself to be pulled up by an invisible piece of string that connects your spine and head. Pull in your stomach, close your eyes and breathe deeply – from your tummy. Now, imagine yourself in front of you – someone you really want to be: confident and happy. Get to know that person for a while. Then, press your thumb and index finger together – don’t stop thinking positively. Concentrate on your breathing pattern: allow the lightness and good vibrations to come in when you inhale, and exhale the toxic thoughts. When you’ve calmed down, bring the person that you’ve concentrated on with you – if you can imagine it, you can become it!


 Be your own best friend to build self-esteem

“You should know that you have a Wise Person inside of you and your Wise Person will never, ever fail you,” Monica explains. Her technique for restoring your self-esteem is listening to yourself, so find a quiet place for yourself for a few minutes. Relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply.

“Allow your Wise Person to come to the fore – they will tell you what to do,” the coach advises. “Listen to what she/he has to say – he or she will always guide you onto the right path so you will know how to move forward.”


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