In her first major UK solo exhibition since 2015, Hannah Perry explores the importance of mental and emotional health in the modern society. GUSH, the exhibition at Somerset House that opens on the 3rd of October, is also an exhibition with a uniquely personal dimension.

Liquid Language © Hannah Perry and Somerset House

Hannah Perry uses a network of personal references to create installations, sculptures, print works and videos that take on an individual’s intimate memory in a hyper-connected society. Her new exhibition GUSH follows a successful track record of several recent exhibitions in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Canada and the US. It marks her return to London – it’ll be her first major solo exhibition in the UK in three years.

Her exhibition at Somerset House combines sculpture, sound and film to dive into the topics of mental and emotional health, and the impact that our society can have on it. Narrated with fragmented spoken words, an immersive film recorded with a custom 360°camera takes the audience on a journey into the highs and lows of everyday life conveyed through the images of bodies caught in perpetual motion. But she doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics: her creation explores the impact of trauma and grief on physical and mental wellbeing.

These two themes are particularly important to her this time. GUSH is also a tribute to her best friend and collaborator, Pete Morrow, who recently took his own life. The artist takes this opportunity to address the tragedy using his writing, as well as the words of people from London South East College in Plumstead. The entire creation shapes into an analysis of romance, psychosis, and the human relationship to death, scored by contemporary musicians that include award-winning composers Mica Levi, Coby Seyand and London Contemporary Orchestra.

On display, a hydraulic sculpture touches upon violence and intimacy through mechanised interaction. There’ll be also screen-printed silk combined with photos, car lacquer and paintings. Finally, Rage Fluids, an audio sculpture that uses car body wrap and subwoofer speakers to distort patterns on the mirror that covers the surface of it, distorting the reflections of the viewer and their surroundings.

The exhibition opens on the 3rd of October 2018 and will run for a month, until the 4th of November 2018. The entry is free. A special performance on the 5th of October includes Perry’s performance – choreography along live music and spoken word, developed by the artist as a complementary piece to the exhibition.

GUSH, River Rooms, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA. Opening times: Mon, Tue, Sat & Sun 10.00-18.00, Wed – Fri 11.00-20.00. Exhibition entry is free, priced tickets to the events available at Somerset House’s website.

hannah perry gush
Hannah Perry -Rage Fluids (Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst&Medien, Graz, 2018) © Markus Krottendorfer
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