• Ghostbusters (2016)

There’s been a massive online dispute about the new Ghostbusters. Before its release (when people barely knew about it but decided to have an opinion instead), the film was slain on the Internet: its trailer became the most disliked in YouTube history. Some haters even crafted a conspiracy theory than the reviewers have been paid off to write great reviews of the film. But it’s high time people actually watched the film and came to a common conclusion: IT IS NOT BAD, ladies and gents.

ghostbusters remake 2016A physicist Erin is about to progress in her career – until one day, when she’s practicing for a lecture, a man appears with a copy of her book about paranormal activity. As she discovers that her book is now widely available on Amazon, she rushes to the lab of her high school friend Abby to convince her to take it down. She ends up travelling with her and Jillian, her assistant, to a place that was apparently haunted. They witness the ghostly presence, and record it – but as the video of Erin goes viral, she ends up being sacked and reuniting with her friend to prove that ghosts are real. Soon, a subway worker Patty joins them to help fight with the Armageddon created by souls who seek revenge, led by a sewage system worker Rowan.

Who you gonna tweet

The new Ghostbusters have been dusted and adjusted to the modern society. The heroines record clips that goes viral and deal with hate on the internet, as they read through the comments under the YouTube video, to which Melissa McCarthy’s character responds: “It’s just a list of what crazy people write online in the middle of the night”. And of course, there’s Amazon, where the book of the main heroines was published. It’s a refreshing take on the classic, that uses the same scheme, but changes what needed to be modernised for the younger generation to relate to it.

Ain’t no bitch gonna hunt no ghost, or quite the opposite

The comedy quartet made of Melissa McCarthy (who cooperated with the director Paul Feig on Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy, and recently rocked in The Boss), Kristen Wiig (recently on Zoolander 2), Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones create the team spirit that every girl squad would desire. They manage to create something new and at least partially separate themselves from the original.

Melissa McCarthy certainly had a good year with film releases, and she proves she’s fantastic at what she does: constantly complaining about the soup she adores or being possessed, she creates a hilarious character. Same with Kristen Wiig, whose serious-gone-bonkers transformation also sets the bar high for the rest. Leslie Jones as Patty also delivers some of the funniest moments as the street-savvy, sassy girl who always has the right answer.

What’s more, there’s that dim, clumsy receptionist Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) who Erin lusts after. He doesn’t quite know how to answer a phone call “because the phone is in the fish tank”, spits into his boss’s coffee after checking if there was any sugar in it, and compares his shirtless photos with a saxophone that are meant to make him look like a doctor – but hey, it looks like the Avengers actor enjoyed fooling around as a miserable macho and playing on stereotypes!

Seeing is believing, but we preferred to laugh

What about the visual side? The editing is sometimes quite choppy (you’ll notice that, for instance, in the scene where Kate McKinnon’s heroine presents the new equipment to the team), and the film overplays on the special effects a bit. But the feel-good atmosphere and loads of energy from all the female comedians compensates for the imperfections.

Final verdict? The original was great, and it’s always a challenge to top the pioneer, granted. But the brand-new reboot of the 1984 classic fought its way for legacy, delivering a geeky, delightful comedy for all the nerds out there, not only women. I mean, it’s 2016. These ladies really rock. Get over your misogyny if it’s the only reason why you hate this film.

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