Don’t change the channel just yet… in case you missed it on the silver screen, we’ve listed some of our favourite films, fresh 2016 productions out of the cinema, that you can now watch on Netflix. There’s a huge deal of indie productions – so if it snows this weekend, don’t even leave your bed and start a movie binge instead!

new netflix films to watch january 2017


A Spanish girl in Berlin comes back from a party one night – and teams up with a bunch of troublemakers who take her to the rooftops and try to impress her at all costs. When she puts her guard to sleep and gives in, everything slips out of control. They get her involved in a repaying a “favour” for a shady businessman who got one of the guys out of prison. Shot in one take, the movie is an interesting cinematic experiment a gripping story with a documentary vibe.

Learning to Drive

Wendy, a sharp-tongued literary critic in Manhattan, decides it’s time to take driving lessons. She turns to Sikh Darwan. Both of them have recently lost their life partners and they’re trying to piece their lives together. It’s a witty, touching film and a step aside from what you might have thought is a rom-com. Carpool life lessons, you’d say.

The Daughter

Dear theatre lovers, there’s Henrik Ibsen’s play “adaptation” for you, loosely based on a story by the master of theatrical storytelling. Christian returns home to watch his father marry a much younger housekeeper – and bumps into his old mate Olivier, who has a family on his own now. By accident, the man discovers that there’s a secret that bonds two families together… and it can destroy the perfect relationship setting in this Australian village. If there’s a gun on the wall in the first act, it’s got to fire in the last – you can trust the 19th-century playwright.

Sing Street

If you’re in the mood for a musical with loads of 80s music and an uplifting story, this is the right one to click. A boy living in Dublin has to move to a public school after his parents split up, and he doesn’t enjoy the grey reality much. And there’s his crush, who really wants to be a model. How to better get a girl’s heart than by writing her a song? Conor offers her a role in her music video… but doesn’t mention the fact that his band is yet to be formed. The director that’s given us Once and Begin Again, John Carney, has made a funny film with a great soundtrack that’s your perfect throwback. It even got a Golden Globes nomination, and we consider it one of the best 2016 films. Even if you can’t remember the eighties, because you were born in the nineties.

Green Room

A punk band chased down by a band of skinheads. You might think it’s not the best premise for the film, but you haven’t seen it before: this film will send a few shivers down your spine. The Ain’t Rights, a punk band, are booked to play in a neo-Nazi bar. After they witness a backstage murder, they’re held hostage – and try to make their way out of the place alive.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Yet another film from down under in the listing… or close enough. Ricky is a boy who’s been rebellious in all his boyish ways: spitting, kicking, throwing things, and setting them on fire. Oh, and he wants to be a gangster, too, and Tupac is his true idol. He’s sent to a remote area in New Zealand to live with a lovely couple. After his “auntie” dies, he runs away… with his foster uncle Hec. From the director Taika Waititi, who’s now working on Marvel’s newest Thor – belly laughs guaranteed! We’ve also reviewed Hunt for the Wilderpeople before.


If you like your history (or if you read “The Book Thief”), you know who Jesse Owens was. The black sportsman became one of the best athletes of all time, standing up against Hitler’s Aryan supremacy and racism in America. Tormented by doubts, he decides to take part in the summer Olympics of 1936 – and finally travels to Germany to unleash his potential.

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