A pastel-coloured video set out to ambient sound is how Fassine celebrate their signature sound. Releasing an animation as a music video to Gold, a song from their upcoming album, they tease the sound of their newest release.

The idea for the music video captures the eerie vibe of the song and supports it with strong visual storytelling. In the river of muted pinks and cobalt blues, the avatars of the band members are hanging out in a place that resembles a modern lodge. The group hangs out with a mysterious character – but who are they really, and why are they there? James Gilleard and Steve Kirby have created a wonderful animation that reflects the ambience of the sound flawlessly.

And what are the mysterious Gold lyrics about?

“Gold’ plays with the idea of the post-death condition and it’s tragic beauty, how this passing can be inviting and perfect,” share the band members.

The London trio are not wasting time. Last year, they’ve released critically acclaimed Dialectik. Experimenting with electronic sound, they’ve come up with climatic, cinematic music as a background to haunting vocals. And if you’ve seen The Following or Lucifer, you probably have heard them before.

Their new album, Gourami, is due to be released on the 28th of July.

fassine gold video

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