Sheer pop pleasure flows from the newest song of Emelie Hollow, a young singer-songwriter who is about to join the group of successful Scandinavian artists that shape current music trends. She’s just released her new music video for Like I Love You, a dashing tune that mixes dreamy ballad verses with an upbeat electronic chorus.

emelie hollow like i love you

Emelie Hollow is another Scandinavian talent that’s about to make more great music and a whole lot of buzz. She’s only eighteen but has already worked with producers and songwriters who worked with Lykke Li (Dhani Lennevald), and Nicki Minaj or Ariana Grande (Carl Falk). But that’s just because she listened to music since she was a little girl, and started playing the guitar, piano and cello, developing her vocals and songwriting abilities.

She remarks that her inspirations come from diverse sources – from Carole King to The Weeknd. And recently, she has premiered Like I Love You – a memorable, modern mix of pop and R’n’B accompanied by a creative video in black and white, which she premiered on The Line of Best Fit. Her delicate, sweet voice overlays the eerie guitar… but only until the bass drops and a powerful chorus kicks in.

“For me, Like I Love You is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, where I can explore and work with my music on other new levels,” she says about her song. “While I wrote the song in Stockholm, I lost my phone in a glass of water but I didn’t have time to be concerned about it because I was digging it too much – the phone survived! Even though it´s scary to release something completely different from what people have heard from me before, I’m really looking forward to presenting it. I hope people like it.”

Watch the music video below:

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