We’ve got Marvel, we’ve got DCEU – but what if somebody gave the discography of Simon and Garfunkel another, brand-new spin?

simon and garfunkel universe

Edgar Wright, the director known for 500 Days of Summer and Hot Fuzz, is about to release Baby Driver at the end of the month. His new flick tells a story of a young getaway driver who relies on his soundtrack to escape from crime scenes until he meets a girl who makes him want to quit his dangerous lifestyle.

The movie, which will hit the silver screens in June, has been named after Simon and Garfunkel’s song, but it isn’t the only one that pays tribute to the classic band. Marc Webb, whose resume includes two Spiderman movies, will release The Only Living Boy in New York later this summer, too.

Noticing the coincidence, Wright tweeted about it, mentioning Webb. He immediately gave a gentle nudge to another director, too.

“I have Baby Driver out in June & @MarcW [Marc Webb] has ‘he Only Living Boy In New York in August. Where is the So Long Frank Lloyd Wright movie?” he wrote. “By sheer dint of the fact that @rianjohnson [Rian Johnson] liked this tweet, it is a binding contract that he will direct So Long Frank Lloyd Wright,” he added minutes after.

But Johnson, who is currently working on the upcoming Star Wars films, had a different movie idea.

“I call dibs on Keep the Customer Satisfied,” he responded. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of hit Broadway musical Hamilton, followed his footsteps and tweeted he’d love to serve us his rendition of Cecilia.

The conversation branched out to a handful of jokes, but the casting wasn’t “complete” until Webb posted:

 “Well now is a good time to announce I am a Rock starring… well.. you know @TheRock [Dwayne Johnson].  He plays heavily in this universe.”

To everyone’s joy, the Fast and Furious star confirmed that he loved the idea.

“If you’re in then I’m in E-dub!” he joined in.

Baby Driver is scheduled to be released on Wednesday 28 June.

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