If the spring breeze put you in the mood for gaining a new skill or getting all artsy, or you’re looking for a new inspiration to create something different than before, drawing classes in London leave you with plenty of choice. No matter how old or experienced you are – it’s time to brush up these sketches. Dust your sketchpad and sharpen your pencil first, and then head to one of the drawing events to sharpen your skills!

Drawing classes for teenagers

Every third Saturday of the month, the National Portrait Gallery opens up its doors to all young and creative people who wish to try something new or look for an inspiration with their Pick Up the Pencil event series. This time, Marc Woodhead will lead a workshop in a response to Leon Golub’s political portrait. The inspiration, known for his depictions of power in paintings of uprisings, riots and interrogations, exploring the mechanics of revolution within art, will lead the creative teenagers to explore their ideas of rebellion, shifts of power and  changes in the modern world.

Save the date: on the 16th of April, you’ve got the chance to try your hand in drawing. Even if you always felt like you’re not able to hold a pencil in the first place, immerse yourself into a creative session and discover the abilities you have never thought you got!

The event, organised by Gallery’s Youth Forum, is free for everybody aged 14-21. It is a drop-in session – no need to book in advance!

Drawing classes with a wine glass

For the slightly older audience, Drink and Draw classes are taking place to let the drawing enthusiasts feel the bohemian spirit. This time, National Portrait Gallery hosts the event as well, organising a friendly social ensemble for the enthusiastic wannabe artists who wish to spend their evening drawing in a nice atmosphere. After everybody’s introduced, the theme for the evening is revealed, and everybody gets busy with their pencils and paper! Professional instructors will lead you through your task and help you perfect the final result. And after all, a glass of good wine might help you resolve all these doubts…

Drink and Draw takes place at 6.30pm on the 7th of April. You can buy tickets in advance for £12. Materials are provided to participants.

Never got that “draw me like one of your French girls” request? The Exhibit in Balham have thought of a solution: on the 27th of April, a class on nude life drawing will kick off. If holding on to your own piece of charcoal  with carefully selected music in the background and like-minded people around sounds like your thing, have a look at their event calendar.

The ticket costs £7 and includes all the necessary materials. The coach, Dan Whiteson, encourages you to get these creative juices flowing – and the encouraging atmosphere is guaranteed, as the tutor himself based his teaching techniques on his own experiences.

drawing classes london
Source: Frui Drink and Draw page
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