You’d say that with the saturation of people you push by (and sometimes smile at) on the streets everyday and on your journey from the point A to the point B in London, dating in London is not so difficult. Well, it’s time to take city breaks more often and check the timetable of trains back and forth to the smaller cities – as the new set of numbers published by  a dating website Badoo claims, it’s much easier to find The One outside of London.

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One of the dating sites, Badoo, has revealed that just a third of the London population is being single. Despite being the most densely populated city in the UK, the number of single people reaches just 31%. Manchester (at 36% of population) and Birmingham (37%) follow, with Coventry (49%), Hull and Sundeland (44%) topping the list with the most people who are single. Aren’t we speaking student towns, by the way? However, “Sex in the City” visions of glam people walking down the streets of a metropolis and finding dates everywhere in the blink of an eye do not sound as easy either. Even if we, like, go outside, not lurk on the Internet.

The Londoners receive the least profile visits (25% men, 32% women), and London men got the fewest matches (30%) – is everyone so busy that they forget to check their phone during the lunchtime and after work? Not really so: the people of London were much more confident starting conversations, as it turns out – over 65% of men and 50% of women would be the first to speak to their match.

“People might find it strange that London is the most challenging place for singles to date in the UK,” Joelle Hadfield, Badoo’s spokesperson, explains. “While it does have the lowest proportion of singles, most importantly, it has the some of the least matches, possibly because daters feel overwhelmed by the number of fish in the sea. What’s great to see is that Londoners aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and be the first to make the move.”

So, if we hear a friend crying over a breakup, shall we rather not tell them that there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but rather organize a getaway somewhere? We’re looking forward to many more chilled out trips around the country, then. But does the percentage truly reflect more matches, or are these just differences between populations that make these numbers so differently striking?

“Smaller cities offer a greater opportunity for singles to meet a potential partner. One of the biggest reasons for this is that people in smaller cities may actually put a bit more effort into meeting their match because of potentially believing they face a much greater challenge in finding love, due to lower population numbers,” Joelle explains. “This positive approach results in people really putting themselves out there more, which in turn leads to greater dating success”.

Okay, stop, rewind. So is there less singles left in London, and we should get depressed to Robbie Williams’s “Supreme”? Wait before you start looking it up on Spotify – there are a few upsides.

“The benefits of living in a big city are two-fold: daters have more options and diversity to choose from, which in turn can make dating in larger cities seem more adventurous or fun,” reveals Joelle as we cheer and agree. “The downside is that endless options can mean an overwhelming amount of unsuitable candidates. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put yourself out there, you just have to be strategic in your selections. Don’t waste your time – or anyone else’s for that matter!”

So if we decided we’re not moving from London, what will increase our chances of finding somebody we truly get along with? The Badoo spokeswoman has a few tips – knowing what you want will get you right to the person that is really compatible.

“Discover what you’re seeking in a partner and hone in on your values and goals in life. Let these inform you in your search and be efficient with the online dating process,” she explains. “And always be honest in what it is you’re looking for. Way too often online dating profiles aren’t a true reflection of the users personality. Success in dating is contingent upon being open and honest about what it is you want, and seeking a mate who aligns with that.”

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