The summer film release time continues, as the cinema takes the holiday break. This week, we can expect the return of Greta Gerwig in Maggie’s Plan, Juliette Binoche’s new film, and Elle Fanning’s cooperation with Nicholas Winding Refn in The Neon Demon. Can we expect any instant summer classics? That’s what we can figure out in the cinemas this week…

Maggie’s Plan

Last year, Greta Gerwig shone in Mistress America. This summer, she returns with her outstanding comedy skills in Maggie’s Plan. Her protagonist is a teacher assistant, disappointed with her past relationships, who decides it’s time for a baby… on her own. But when she meets a writer and academic John (Ethan Hawke), she decides to redefine what’s really important for her…

The Neon Demon

What does it take to make it in the fashion industry, where the “girl-power” has nothing to do with reality? An aspiring model, Jesse (Elle Fanning) gets signed as a model in vibrant LA – but the competition is huge, and there are many women who will do everything to secure their role in the fashion world… Nicolas Winding Refn of Drive and Only God Forgives returns with a horror-thriller and a critique of the celebrity industry.

The Wait

Stunning shots of Sicily mix up with mysteries and secrets that twist a mother and her son’s fiancée together. Waiting for Giuseppe turns into the time of confessions as his mother Anna (Juliette Binoche) and his partner Jeanne (Lou de Laage) kill the time between the arrival of the man that is so important for both of them. Noticed in Venice and Toronto, it might be a highlight of this week’s films!

The Legend of Tarzan

Even the urban jungle can’t suffice when he hears the call of nature… Coming back to his roots, Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård, previously on Suite Francaise and The Diary of the Teenage Girl) comes back to Congo to serve as a parliamentary representative of trade. But he’s not aware what the plans of Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz, recently a Spectre villain and Blue Eyes, well, antagonist) are really about…

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