Who in the world wouldn’t celebrate this wonderful holiday, especially if it’s an excuse to have some melting-in-the-mouth, smooth treats? If you want to try more than your average Maltesers on World Chocolate Day, let’s have a look at some of the best chocolate shops in London!*

best london chocolate shops

Rococo Chocolates, Chelsea, 321 King’s Rd, London SW3 5EP (also in Belgravia/Marylebone)

best chocolate shops london rococo chocolates
source: Chester Grovesnor

Fancy an artisan bar from a Chelsea chocolatier? Rococo Chocolates, located in Kings Road in Chelsea, tempt with a colourful shop window and delicious, carefully prepared chocolate. If you’ve never tried a basil-Persian lime combo with chocolate, or cardamom-spiced white chocolate, it might be the time to experiment. Get yourself a bar and make it last longer – isn’t trying anything new better than binging on something that you already know?

Paul A Young, Soho, 134 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WA (also in Islington in Bank)

best chocolate shops london - paul a young
source: Paul A. Young

Celebrity chocolatier opened a few chocolate shops around London – in Wardour Street in Soho as well as in Islington and Bank. It is often labelled as London’s best chocolate – although a little bit more expensive, the same rule applies: treat yourself just to taste it and make it last longer. You can also pop into one of the events to step up your game and learn a few tricks about making sweet treats.

Sandrine, East Sheen, 239 Upper Richmond Rd W, London SW14 8QS

best chocolate shops london - sandrine
source: Sandrine Website

I remember when my French teacher, speaking about the Francophone countries, was once trying to persuade us that the Belgians are amazing at comics and chocolate. And, instead of typically pursuing our specific relationship, I should have probably admitted she was right. If you want to try delicious Belgian chocolate without leaving London, you can do it on the way to Richmond. All of them are gluten-free – and some of them even sugar-free to let people with special dietary requirements enjoy their sweet treats.

Artisan du Chocolat, Chelsea, 89 Lower Sloane St, London SW1W 8DA (also Notting Hill and Borough)

best chocolate shops london - artisan du chocolat
source: GourmetChocolateReviews

Calling themselves artists of chocolate and being one of the precursors of salted caramel, Artisan du Chocolat certainly have a few things to boast about. They’ve got a selection of sugar-free and vegan chocolates, and also make chocolates using buffalo and almond milk to satisfy even the most picky chocolate lover. Their salted caramels even became immortalised in “The Apologist”, a novel by food critic Jay Rayner – isn’t that enough to call them iconic already?

L’appetit Fou, Chiswick, 4 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick W4 1QP

best london chocolate shops - l'appetit fou
source: Twitter

There are a few nice places in Chiswick to try delicious chocolate, but I’ll stand by Belgian pralines again (etes vous contents, proffeseur A.?) and pick L’appetit Fou. Although they don’t make chocolates like the shops described above, they import the finest of Belgian treats, offering rhubarb chocolate, or traditional specialities that are difficult to find anywhere else.


*West London polarised, cause the author was spending fortune on pralines while going to work/coming back from work/living there, because “why the hell would you not eat chocolate” kind of mindset



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