The clock’s ticking, and you still haven’t had the time to go Christmas shopping and wrap up the gifts? Worry not: we’ve prepared a selection of our cute and practical gift ideas we’ve lifted from Amazon.

amazon gift guide 2017

Let’s be honest: December is a tough month to be organised, and even the best struggle with juggling the full-blown social calendar, last-minute work responsibilities and Christmas preparations. If you need a little help with the gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. There’s a handful we handpicked, analysing their reviews at the time of the selection and comparing some of our personal experiences. That’s how we curated the list below.

The products below have been selected because we’ve used them, or we trust the Amazon users and their high ratings. When you order with us, you don’t have any extra fees to pay, and you get the best deals from Amazon as well, but we do earn a tiny bit of commision when you make a purchase. That’ll help us make this website alive in the upcoming year. That’s two Christmas gifts, in fact – thank you and Merry Christmas to you too!

For a traveller

amazon gift guide 2017

A good backpack makes travelling a lot easier – and although Fjallraven Kanken backpacks are on the pricier side, they’re incredibly durable, so worth the investment. And stylish, we must add, so they’re perfect for the city errands as well as short day trips.

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amazon gift guide 2017


Anything else you can pack? If they often board long-haul flights, or if they’re in for long coach roadtrips, this pillow is a cool gadget that they might find handy. It doesn’t take as much space in the luggage as a regular one, and you inflate/deflate it only when you need it.

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For a plant lover

amazon gift guide 2017

We know what it’s like in London: despite the multitude of parks at our disposal, it’s difficult not to long for a piece of greenery sometimes. And it’s nice to have a tiny bit of nature implanted into your flat. This little terrarium is a perfect starting kit for developing a mini-garden you can keep on your windowsill. Practical? Checked. Satisfying? Checked.

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For a bookworm

amazon gift guide 2017

amazon gift guide 2017

If you’re picking something for a bookworm, look no further, especially if they’re into non-fiction. There’s something inspirational in both of them: Greg Sestero’s look at Tommy Wiseau’s attempts at making his own film is a hilarious story of pursuing your dream and supporting your friends. Hannah Jewel’s book, however, tells the stories of a hundred inspiring women from across the centuries that weren’t afraid to make their opinion known, follow their ideals or fight for a better life for themselves.

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amazon gift guide 2017 ereader

If you stalked them on Goodreads (do people do this, actually?!) and analysed their bookshelf, but you still have no idea what genre they’re into, let them decide. The Kindle e-reader has a special screen that doesn’t glare in the sunlight (hello, beach holidays!) and the access to thousands of books on Amazon, so they’ll never run out of the things to read.

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For a creative

amazon gift guide 2017

If they tend to say that nothing beats the old, trusty pen and paper, give them the benefit of combining it with technology. This notepad works just like any other – but you can digitise your notes, drawings and doodles in a matter of seconds with just one push of a button.

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For a hip music fan

amazon gift guide 2017

This stylish wooden speaker looks just like a vintage radio, but in fact, it hides the capabilities worthy of the 21st century. Besides the regular AM/FM radio, it allows you to connect to any device with Bluetooth, which means you can stream your music straight from your iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop. The manufacturers promise also the 15 hours of playtime on a single charge, as well as crystal-clear sound.

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amazon gift guide 2017 turbtable

If they prefer their music in analogue, this turntable might also be a fantastic option. Not only does it play the favourites from their vinyl collection, but also the songs and programmes from their radio station of choice. The device has also extra sound inputs and an USB port, so there’s a handful of ways to enjoy their favourite tunes using it.

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For interior design fans

amazon gift guide 2017

The neon trend in interior decor has been growing its following steadily and it doesn’t seem that it’s going away anytime soon. It certainly adds 2000 points to the room’s coolness factor, but it’s also quite atmospheric. And if you don’t want to spend hundreds on a customised neon sign, start with a small one. Bonus: is there anything more hip than flamingoes at the moment?!

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amazon gift guide 2017

Alternatively, pick one of the style icon artworks. Just double-check if they prefer Marilyn or Audrey beforehand, or better yet, pair the prints!

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For a techie/a gamer

This comfortable keyboard that lights up with different, configurable colours, is also immensely comfortable, which makes it perfect for typing and gaming. And it provides a little support for their wrists, too, with the cushion attached to the front.

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For a fashionista

amazon gift guide 2017 scarf

For all we know, they’ll probably be immensely happy with that Chanel bag you’ve seen in Selfridges, but if you fancy adding something unusual to it, give them a galaxy on the scarf. It’s a nice little accessory that’ll make even a plain outfit a little brighter.

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For a film buff

amazon gift guide 2017

Even if it’s highly likely they’ve seen them all, let them revisit all the Hitchcock’s classics and give them a box set compilation of the director’s masterpieces. This 14-disc collection includes such classics as The Birds, Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo.

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For a photography enthusiast

amazon gift guide 2017

Whether they’re an avid Instagrammer or an enthusiast photographer, they’ll surely appreciate an opportunity to experiment with a new way to take the pictures. Maybe they remember how to shoot on film, or maybe they used to have a Polaroid? Either way, there’s nothing more satisfying that shaking that picture before the image reveals itself.

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For a fitness enthusiastamazon gift guide 2017

If your fitness fanatic doesn’t have one of these wristbands already, they’ll surely appreciate it – especially if they’re a busy bee and trying to stay as active as possible. It helps to add a little physical activity to their everyday life. Plus it allows them to look at interesting health insights by tracking their heart rates, or even their sleep cycles.

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For a beauty maven

amazon gift guide 2017 brush dryer

A combination of a hair dryer and a brush, this appliance easily does the job of the both. It’ll help them get their favourite hairstyle in a matter of seconds, gifting them an easy morning for every day of the year. It also makes it an amazing combination for travelling – they’ll be able to pack a little lighter.

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For a geeky teenager

amazon gift guide 2017As Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit the cinemas this December, it’s not only Jedi returning to the merchandise stores (excuse us, that was bad). And when you’re investing in merch, it’s nice to know it can be useful, too: this incredibly cute BB-8 figurine doubles as an alarm clock.

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For a coffee lover

amazon gift guide 2017 coffee machine

Coffee is a gift in itself, and we know we sound like we’re trying too hard to curate a slogan for a coffee shop franchise, but we really consider it a necessary survival tool. With this coffee machine, you can select from over 40 branded drinks, which will allow you to enjoy your favourites on a cold, rainy morning without having to go to the cafe nearby.

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amazon gift guide 2017

Team it up with a cute mug; there’s so many to choose from! This one is our favourite, as we seem to have a pre-Christmas obsession with foxes. And we love its colour palette, but that’s a different story.

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What have you got them for Christmas? Shhh… don’t tell them, but share your gift ideas with us in the comments below and on social media!


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