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Find the right fit and print: petite pregnancy style tips

How to find the perfect semi-formal maternity dress

The shops sparkle with sequins and prints, but you seem to be limited to jeans and tunics. The event you’re going to is approaching, and you don’t want to turn up underdressed. You browsed through all websites you could think of, and you wonder – is it possible to find semi-formal maternity dresses for a family dinner, a friend’s wedding in a relaxed setting, or a party? The answer is: Yes, and you can get excited about the maternity clothing choices, too – even if it comes to more formal wear. Have your bump stylishly covered with our selection of semi formal maternity dresses.  Scroll down for a few tips on how to look for them, and how to pick flattering cuts!

Know the right cut

When you’re pregnant, you need to broaden your fashion dictionary and highlight some really useful terms! Empire waist dresses are going to become your best friends – they are flattering and cute, and you certainly won’t give up on your comfort.

Asos semi-formal maternity dressesDue Maternity semi-formal maternity dress
ASOS / Due Maternity
The number one rule of maternity fashion is: don’t change. If you enjoyed wearing something, you don’t always have to give it up. Loved skater skirts and highlighting your femininity? A semi-formal swing dress might do the trick, and keep your chic self intact. No compromises!

Pinkblush Semi Formal Maternity DressSemi Formal Maternity Dress - ASOSBluebelle Semi-formal maternity dress

PinkBlush Maternity / ASOS Bluebelle

Sparkle with embellishments – in the right places

When you’re choosing a semi-casual dress, look out for embellishments and where they are placed. To spice up your outfit, pick the semi-formal maternity dresses with embellished tops: prints, embroidery, sequins – you name it! These details will help you by highlighting your neckline and balancing the proportions of upper and lower body.

ASOS Maternity Midi Dress with Embellishment Semi Formal Maternity DressesASOS Maternity Skater Dress with Bonded Lace Semi Formal Maternity DressesNursing Embellished Midi Dress Semi Formal Maternity Dresses


Ruffles: the pregnant woman’s best friend

More of a romantic-bohemian type? Don’t give up on your personal style. A staple in a free-spirited wardrobe, ruffles help to balance your body shape and are perfect for almost any casual party. Excited to start getting ready for that dinner party yet?

coral off shoulder maternity maxi dress semi formal maternity dressesASOS Maternity Pencil Dress with Ruffle Detail Semi Formal Maternity DressesMaternity Faux Wram Ruffle Semi Formal Maternity Dresses

PinkBlush Maternity / ASOS / Due Maternity

Go big

For more formal events, you normally have to invest in a dress – and this is no exception when it comes to semi-formal maternity dresses. If you’re not willing to spend a lot of money on something you won’t be able to wear after nine months, think big! Big shapes. Lots of volume. Elastic bustier. Go big (and don’t go home)!

Missguided semi formal maternity dressesDeb Shopssemi formal maternity dresses

Missguided  / Deb Shops


You’ve picked your semi-formal dress now – don’t forget to accessorize! If you didn’t decide to buy a bold maternity dress and stayed simple, remember that accessories can make any outfit, and you can keep them to wear anytime. A nice pashmina scarf or a hat could add some energy to your outfit!

 Prada Sunglasses Semi Formal Maternity DressesPimkie Fedora Semi Formal Maternity DressesCalvin Klein Pashmina Semi Formal Maternity Dresses

Prada / Pimkie / Calvin Klein

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