Have you tried switching it off and on again?

One advice that every IT department will start with if something’s just not quite right?

Reboot. Switch it off, then back on again.

And it’s not that it hasn’t been right, to be honest with you. I’ve been writing at Beside Magazine alongside the others for more than a year now, and it’s great fun. I’m a cinemaniac that’s been given a platform to laud the films, books and experiences I love, and it’s something I want to do long-term. Even if only my mother and five dedicated friends of mine read it. Well, minus my mother, because she doesn’t speak English. But you get the gist. I’m writing and it keeps me happy.

Why come back with Psychedelly then?

I’m attached to this name – I’ve been Psychedelly on the internet since I can remember. I’ve got a YouTube channel in that name, where I talk about films and share some other little things occasionally. And I’ve got stuff that doesn’t quite fit the profile of what Beside’s profile, or brand if you like, is. There are some short stories, stuff I’ve written at uni, sometimes things I want to comment on. Sometimes a response to that article I found on the Internet. Sometimes, a plea for sanity or that rant that’s been on my mind for 52835329 hours and clearly can’t be ignored anymore. “A home hub for everything that Kasia tries” describes it best. I’ll utilise what I’ve got to stay creative and get better at doing things I love.

Expect stuff I haven’t posted about in a while, short stories, memories, lessons learnt, places visited. Expect my formal work hiding at the top of the page in my portfolio.

I’ll recharge and revolt, my time has come, and I’m tempted to duel even the sun.


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