Rejecting the perfection: Exercising past the eating disorder

I was a good student, but also an insanely clumsy one with odd mannerisms, and my school coach was my dad’s best childhood friend. They played football together back in the day, which my father reminisced with pride because they set up a local club together, and he wasn’t a soft and sweet type either….

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Lady Bird and a letter to my 19-year-old-self

I’ve been a massive fan of Greta Gerwig for a while now. The indie darling has never failed to melt my heart, whether with writing or acting; from Greenberg, Frances Ha through Mistress America, 20th Century Women and Maggie’s Plan, her natural aura and intelligence has always added a certain je ne sais quoi to almost everything she picked up. I’ve just liked…

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12 months, 12 countries, 12 travel lessons

I’m really bad at fulfilling New Year resolutions. Year after year, I always think of something that I’d like to accomplish in the next 12 months. But I’ve never thought that these resolutions are the best way to motivate ourselves – here’s an excerpt from my old blog post, which I’ve written around 2012, summarising…

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