About Kasia

Hello, stranger! Nice to see you here. Make yourself at home.

My name is Kasia (or Katarzyna, if you'd rather try and pronounce that) Kwasniewska. I'm a writer and graphic designer based in London. As you might guess from the picture on the left, I might appear to masquerade like a chameleon by using the background colours, but nowadays I balance on the verge of a hipster and a hustler and cultivate a wide range of different incarnations, so that might be a bit more appropriate. Weird combo, I know, but let's not get distracted by details, shall we?

I've started my career in the local newspapers in Radom, Poland, where I had the opportunity to write for Panorama Radomska and eRadomianki. After high school, I joined one of the most influential Polish newspapers, Gazeta Wyborcza, as a regional reporter. It was so much fun that it stayed with me onwards, and I'm craving to write at every single opportunity.

I've studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Westminster, where I graduated in 2016. While I worked towards my degree completion, I spent a week in Kerrang!, got involved with a podcast website as a reporter and had a chance to try my hand at content marketing. And I got addicted to film, which you've probably figured out if you're coming here from my Twitter.

Currently, I'm freelancing as a writer and coming up with creative ideas as an instructional designer. Sometimes, I take my camera out and snap like there's no tomorrow - I'm fascinated by visual media, so video editing and photography also fill up my free time. I'm also blogging, and when I'm in the mood I switch the camera to video and talk to myself, only to end up on YouTube.

As a graphic designer, I've completed a wide array of projects, including print and digital design for internal communications, learning and development and marketing. As a writer, I had a chance to research and write articles, social media copy, e-learning course content and blog posts in Polish and English. I even did a bit of proofreading for transcreation (which stands for marketing translation/adaptation). You name it.

I believe in personal development, and that's why I take initiative and learn on my own. I am currently completing an entertainment journalism course and an editing programme to better understand the things I'm interested in. I completed The Business of Film course with Futurelearn, earning a Certificate of Achievement, and a film theory short course with Citylit.

This website is an excuse to show you what I've done before. I needed an online space where I could showcase my portfolio (you can find the selection of my stuff here). However, it's also an opportunity for me to write about more things I'm interested in; I've always wanted to have a lifestyle blog, and since not everything I write fits the profile of our team efforts at Beside Magazine, I decided to give myself some extra online space. As if I didn't have enough of it!

Want to collaborate? Drop me a message using the form below, or say hi on social media!

If you liked my work and you think I deserve a cup of coffee to write more, you can buy me one. Thanks a million!